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Dora Cosmetics has been manufacturing and distributing high quality hair styling and personal care products in the spirit of dedication and partnership with customers since 2011.

Comprehensive careful testing and analysis for our products that are directly related to human health, such as personal care products, in R&D and production phases are applied precisely in order to maintain the confidence that our consumers have in us. Dora Cosmetics provides products development, design and production services for international markets and brands. It fulfills our business partners’ quality expectations by having quality products, competitive prices, attractive packaging and on-time delivery.
It has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in the hair and body care products market by closely following the oncoming cosmetics trends. Our products are produced in a 2000 m2 closed area under international standards with harmonious policies for human and environmental health.Dora Cosmetics, with its brands, serves many retail and distribution channels as well as OEM, custom manufacturing and contract manufacturing. As Dora Cosmetics, we are working to please all our customers with pride in providing quality service.

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